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About Me



Growing up in Southeast Texas and away from extended family, my Mama wanted to be sure we had close relationships with our Grandparents by sharing cookies.  

The cookie box I created was a plain, white box that I decorated with scraps of ribbon and fabric.  I mailed it to my grandma Jojo, and asked if she could send it back filled with her homemade Chocolate Chip cookies . This became a tradition of Jojo sending cookies in the cookie box and me sending back an empty box and awaiting more.  


Years later, the tradition shifted and I was the one sending Jojo home baked treats, and to this day I still send them to Papa and other beloved family & friends.  This tradition unlocked a new passion for me, The Cookie Box which is creating personalized and custom designs for customers to share.

 It's a way to show the ones we love, colleagues, who are near and far that we are thinking of them and want them to enjoy a delicious, personalized treat. 

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